Friday, November 23, 2012

Who stole her tiara ?

I saw her.
in the train
                 On my way to school.....
Same age of mine
    not wearing a school uniform
wearing a mummy uniform.
Nobodies around her
but there was
 a someone
withing a pink blanket....
Baby was crying louder and louder
The lady next to her 
was young,
wearing lipsticks,high heels
a wedding ring...
She was looking at the girl
just like
 she stabbed someone and drank blood.
Girl try to soothe the baby 
but failed.
Looked at lady and try to smile...
  Surely  girl may be surrounded by lots of friends
 few years ago
 now she is alone
with  a pink soul.
They say I am like a princess
         but who stole her tiara ?

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